A History of Non-Territorial Autonomy in Europe (book project)

STSM title: A History of Non-Territorial Autonomy in Europe (book project)
STSM start and end date: 04/04/2022 to 17/04/2022
Grantee name: Börries Kuzmany
Host institution: European University Institute (EUI), Florence
Home institution: University of Vienna

Statement about the grant:

The ENTAN STSM grant was very helpful for me because it gave me a pause from my normal obligations and allowed to focus on scholarly writing in the inspiring atmosphere of the EUI.

Grant purpose:

The STSM grant was dedicated to the advancement of my current book project – a history of non-territorial autonomy.

Description of the work carried out during the grant:

The calm but inspiring atmosphere of the European University Institute eased the writing process. The time at the EUI and discussions with my STSM host professor, Pieter Judson, furthermore allowed me to reconsider the structure of my book and draft a new table of contents.

Description of the main results obtained:

During my stay in Florence I finalised a book chapter that I had started writing before. Most importantly, I radically reconceptionalised the third part of my monograph in order to strengthen the overall argument. I was able to make a writing plan for it, including sources and secondary literature that I will use for this part