Working Groups

WG1 – Non-territorial autonomy: legal and political aspects

Examine the type of policies which are designed for he accommodation and facilitation of collective activities pursued on the part of identity based groups and which imply special treatment and encouragement while […]

WG2 – Cultural identities

Research in the field of cultural studies, identity politics, socio-linguistics, arts, humanities and sociology on whether NTA lowers or increases the chances for conflicts.

Task : Exploring the possibilities, […]

WG3 – Regional and socio-economic development: incentives and resources

Examine the existing incentives and economic practices; determine the social balance between the needs and resources.

Task: Study whether in the economic sphere a forming of self-governing structures of own […]

WG4 – University course in Non-Territorial Autonomy

Horizontal Working Group embedding all WGs’ findings in a common course to be offered by universities.

Task: Gather all the findings, systematise and edit them in an applicable NTA course to be taught at u […]