ENTAN network: activities and academic impact

Grantee Name: Marina Andeva
Conference Title: Territorial and Inter-Organizational Cooperation
Home Institution: University American College Skopje
Grant period: 28/09/2022 – 01/10/2022

Statement about the grant:

Within the International Conference on Territorial and Inter-Organizational Cooperation’ 2022 (organized in Brenna, Poland, by Academia WSB) a specific panel dedicated to Minorities, NTA and Cross-border cooperation was organized. The panel was chaired by Assoc. Prof. Marina Andeva (ENTAN WG4 Chair) who presented the work of ENTAN with a title of the presentation “ENTAN network: activities and academic impact”. At the panel several researchers participated and with their contributions they made an overview of the importance of minorities in cross-border cooperation as well as questioned whether NTA institutions could act as drivers in developing and thus leading cross-border initiatives. In what concerns the presentation of the network, present researchers with almost no knowledge of the concept of non-territorial autonomy, were introduced with NTA and were informed about the ENTAN network. Different outcomes of the network were presented to the audience, from publications to promotional and educational videos and all were cordially invited to visit the network website.