Minority media as a tool to ensure and implement non-territorial autonomy

STSM title: Minority media as a tool to ensure and implement non-territorial autonomy
STSM start and end date: 21/08/2022 to 27/08/2022
Grantee name: Martin Klatt
Host institution: WSB University
Home institution: University of Southern Denmark

Statement about the grant:

COST STSM is a practical tool to give opportunities to focused field work as well as networking.

Grant purpose:

This grant supported a case study on minority media’s role in implementing NTA; but also, their role in general in a challenging environment for especially print media. Our focus was on investigating opportunities for minority media in a broader perspective: how do they contribute to especially regional media landscapes, and how do their specific competencies and interests create bridges between minority and majorities and regional development/quality of life in general?

Description of the work carried out during the grant:

My host and I used the STSM for field work with minority media in the region. We visited a radio station and newspaper (both print and online) of the German minority in Poland, their cultural organization, and similar of the Polish minority in Czechia. This team visit secured linguistic comprehension, as interviews were carried out in German and Polish. I also visited the host institution and was informed about their research and education activities. Furthermore, my host introduced me to cultural revival projects implemented in regional municipalities with help of EU and EFTA-funding.

Description of the main results obtained:

Our research confirmed the importance of minority media for minorities: it spreads information on

cultural activities and provides a discussion forum for minority matters. It also contributes with different viewpoints on general issues and thus to the diversity of the media landscape. There is a transition from print to online media channels, which is challenging, as it also reflects a generational conflict in the minorities.