NTA and cross-border relations in Slovenia and Italy

STSM title: NTA and cross-border relations in Slovenia and Italy
STSM start and end date: 25/07/2022 to 25/07/2022
Grantee name: Balázs Vizi
Host institution: Slovene Research Institute (Trieste/Trst)
Home institution: Centre for Social Sciences, Institute for Minority Studies

Statement about the grant:

The STMS offered a unique opportunity to do research, to conduct interviews on the ground in the Slovene-Italian border region. The Slovene Research Institute (SLORI) served as an ideal host institution, providing access to its library and with the help of SLORI’s director, Dr. Devan Jagodic facilitated contacting Slovenian minority representatives. I could also do library research at the Slovenian Library (La Narodna in študijska knjižnica / Biblioteca Nazionale Slovena e degli Studi) in Triest.

Grant purpose:

The primary goal of the STSM is to take the opportunity to examine better the relations between the regional government of Friuli-Venezia-Giulia and the Italian minority self-government in Slovenia on one hand and the Slovenian minority’s relations with the Slovenian government.

Description of the work carried out during the grant:

Despite the summer holiday period, during my research stay I could meet and conduct interviews with various stakeholders, e.g. with Pierpaolo Roberti (regional counsellor responsible for minority issues of the Regional Council of Friuli-Venezia-Giulia) and Marko Pisani (Slovenian member of the Regional Council). I could get helpful information from the Regional Council administration, from Erika Hrovatin (head of the Slovene Language Office) and Sandra Sodini (responsible for EU projects) on regional participation in cross-border co-operations. I took also the opportunity to visit the Italian Minority Self-Government (CANCOSTIERA) in Koper (Slovenia) and meet with its secretary general Andrea Bartole to discuss CANCOSTIERA’s involvement in cross-border projects and their relation with the Friuli-Venezia-Giulia Region.

Besides that I could use the SLORI’s library and the Slovenian Library in Triest, offering access to relevant local publications and research reports.

Description of the main results obtained:

Besides meeting with local minority stakeholders and regional political actors, during my research stay with Devan Jagodic (SLORI director) we discussed thoroughly the possibilities of extending co-operation between the Institute for Minority Studies, Centre for Social Sciences and SLORI.

During my grant, using the information obtained during my stay. I could also finalize a book chapter on the effects of EU regional policies on minorities living in border regions (Kölcsönhatások az európai integrációban: regionalizmus és kisebbségek to be published in 2022).