The case of “smaller” minorities in the Republic of Moldova

STSM title: Trying to hold the line – practicing the right to participate in public affairs in the “shade” of larger minority groups – the case of “smaller” minorities in the Republic of Moldova
STSM start and end date: 1/9/2021 to 8/9/2021
Grantee name: Norbert Tóth (University of Public Service, Budapest, Hungary)
Host institution: Moldova State University, Faculty of Law, Chişinău, Moldova

Norbert Tóth: “The aim of my research in Moldova was to study the legal situation of smaller minority communities if they were able to represent their interests on the various levels of decision-making ‘in the shade of’ larger minority groups. During my stay, I had the possibility to make some non-structured interviews as well as conversations with several community leaders and experts of this issue. This short term research was a kind of ‘control study’ to one of my previous research projects that was carried out in Serbia a couple of years ago. The partner institution, the Law Faculty of the Moldova State University, was an excellent host, they made enormous efforts and did their best to make my research successful.”