Virtual Mobility Grant

Grantee Name: Noemia Bessa Vilela
Grant Title: Preparation of the 2023 TS in Porto
Home Institution: Inštitut pravnih znanosti, raziskave in razvoj na področju prava, Maribor
Grant period: 10/08/2022 – 10/08/2022


Noemia Bessa Vilela:

The virtual collaboration involved interactions over online platforms and emails between the nominated committee and local organiser. It took the shape of regular brainstorming exchanges about ideas for the TS3 programme, and email communication between the nominated Training School Chair Markku Suski, LO Noemia Bessa Vilela, , the Action Chair Ivan Dodovski and Committee member Prof. dr. Joanna Kurowska-Pysz, as well as the Action administrative officer, Demjan Golubov.

Training School planning through the VM grant was carried out keeping in mind all the key objectives of the COST Action Strategy and all the key themes within ENTAN.

Online meeting proved to be effective and helpful for organizing the upcoming training. Online meetings made it possible to discuss both logistic matters and substantive aspects of the action such as:

– Call for trainees

– Call for Trainers

– Provisional programme