Virtual Mobility Grant

Grantee Name: Marina Andeva
Grant Title: NTA Textbook Concept and Methodology: preparation of concept and methodology for developing a Textbook for undergraduate course in Non-territorial Autonomy
Home Institution: University American College Skopje
Grant period: 15/07/2021 - 30/09/2021


Marina Andeva:

During the Virtiual Mobility period, contacts and interaction have been made in orer to ensure that a suitable and proper methodology will be used for the development of the NTA Textbook. Exchange of ideas, experiences and practices have been ensured to make sure that an appropriate tools and instruments are included in the overall concept. What has been learned from this experience is the following:
– a proper online networking insturments could result in a successful outcome which could greatly be more effective than in-person meetings
– time management is more effective when there is the liberty to meet persons online
– lack of effective collaborative tools which could result in brainstorming / group sessions and interactive mapping of challenges and ideas for overcoming challenges is to be taken into consideration if online working continues.
For the purpose of developing a concept and methodology for the NTA Textbook, VM has been personally seen as very useful and brought so many benefits:
– freedom of choosing when and how networking is carried out
– freedom of choosing when and how communication person-to-person is carried out
– freedom of choosing when and how interaction with experiences researchers and members of academia is carried out.
– time to construct a proper plan, concept and methodology for developing a NTA Textbook