Virtual Networking Support Grant

Grantee Name: Ivan Dodovski
Grant Title: ENTAN Virtual Networking Strategy 2021
Home Institution: University American College Skopje
Grant period: 02/07/2021 – 31/10/2021


Ivan Dodovski :

The Grant was used to develop ENTAN’s 2021 Virtual networking strategy and to provide additional contribution to the COST Action and the COST Strategy for each of the virtual events and collaboration activities organised.

Due to the pandemic, some of the envisaged activities of ENTAN during grant period 2 have been delayed. Hence, virtual networking support was offered and proved helpful towards the progress of the Action objectives and deliverables, in particular towards:
 Production of publications (conference book of abstracts, one conference proceedings volume and three policy papers were prepared and published)
 Production of dissemination videos (conference promotional video, video recordings of conference presentations, and 4 educational videos were produced and published).

Many of the activities included the involvement of ECI and ITC researchers, as well as a gender-balace approach to the selecting and nominating of the members of the committeees entrusted to carry out the activities in GP3, thus directly contributing to the implementation of COST Excellence and inclusiveness Policy.