Virtual Networking Support Grant

Grantee Name: Marina Andeva
Grant Title: NTA Bibliography Database
Grant period: 15/03/2023 – 15/07/2023
Home Institution: University American College Skopje
Grant period: 15/03/2023 to 15/07/2023

During this VM all the Zotero database parts were updated until the end of the duraction of the virtual mobility. The update included articles, books and teaching materials produced recently and are relevant to concept of non-territorial autonomy. The Zotero database includes list of published literature divided into several sections: NTA Bibliography – History (focused on historical issues – pre-1989); NTA Bibliography – Case Studies (case studies on modern issues (post-1990)); NTA Bibliography – Theoretical Approach (theoretical literature or case studies with a strong theoretical base focused on modern issues (post-1990); NTA Research – Research Projects and NTA Textbooks and Other Teaching Material.