“Don’t say it!” The Concealment of an Oral Tradition in Greek Macedonia

STSM title: “Don’t say it!” The Concealment of an Oral Tradition in Greek Macedonia
STSM start and end date: 13/9/2021 to 25/9/2021
Grantee name: Alexandra Ioannidou (University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece)
Host institution: University American College Skopje, North Macedonia

Alexandra Ioannidou: “Starting from the publication of a remarkably interesting collection of fairy tales in Edessa (Voden), in Greek Macedonia, the STSM aimed to discuss and analyze a phenomenon encountered by every researcher of the Slavic tradition in the region: the concealment of the origin, existence, linguistic tradition of the Slavic speakers of Greek Macedonia. During the STSM I have had the opportunity to gather information on Slavic oral fairytales both in Edessa and at the Folklore Institute in Skopje, North Macedonia. In Edessa and Aridaia I conducted a series of most interesting interviews with Slavic speakers, whereas in Skopje I was able to meet and collaborate with the director of the Folklore Institute, professor Ermis Lafazanovski and to do research in the Institute’s archives. Further, I was given the opportunity to conduct fruitful discussions with Professor Ivan Dodovski of the host institution on the specific scientific task and to give a lecture in the host institution. The STSM will result in an article on such publications, the description of the phenomenon of language silencing and finally, an attempt to name it.”