Environmental Autonomy

STSM title: Environmental Autonomy
STSM start and end date: 8/8/2021 to 22/8/2021
Grantee name: Zerrin Savaşan (Selcuk University, Konya, Turkey)
Host institution: Arctic Centre, University of Lapland, Rovaniemi, Finland

Zerrin Savaşan: “Due to the pandemic conditions and travel restrictions, my research trip had to be postponed three or four times. However, as I was quite determined to make it, I managed go to the Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law (NIEM) at the Arctic Centre of the University of Lapland, in the beginning of August 2021, while planning to coincide it with the period when the northern lights can be seen in between late August-early April. Also known as Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights can be visible on around more than 100 nights a year in Rovaniemi. Furthermore, there are quite a few good spots for viewing the Auroras near the city centre, so close to Arktikum museum and my place in Rovanniemi (just 10-15 minutes’ walk away). However, unfortunately, I could not experience the magic of the Aurora Borealis in Rovaniemi due to my travel dates. Still, seeing the glass half-full, I find it as a reason of coming back to the Arctic Centre again. Thanks to the COST Action, I found an excellent opportunity to talk, discuss and exchange ideas on my research topic with kind, welcoming colleagues, very-well experienced in their fields in the Arctic Centre, and giving a guest lecture on my research topic (also via Teams). I extend my thanks to Prof. Hossain Kamrul (Centre, University of Lapland) for his invitation. I presented my draft paper on the research in the Budapest ENTAN Conference (24-25 Sept 2021); and I am planning to further work on a case study which will be on case of Sámi people /Norway-Finland-Sweden. I am so looking forward to fostering collaborations with them in the future as well. In short, I am so very thankful to the COST ENTAN Team for their sincere help and collaboration to make this research trip real for me. Kiitos!”