NTA and indigenous self-government rights

Natalija Shikova: “The STSM at the Institute for Comparative Federalism, EURAC Research was an exceptional experience. I got a chance to cooperate with the international team of researchers. I gained in-depth insights from the experts in the field and exchanged knowledge about the applicability of both non-territorial autonomy and territorial autonomy arrangements in addressing different group’s needs. I also extended my scientific network.”

STSM title: The NTA adequacy in addressing the indigenous self-government rights STSM start and end date: 2/2/2020 – 2/9/2020 Grantee name: Prof. Natalija Shikova (International Balkan University, Skopje) Host institution: Institute for Comparative Federalism, Eurac Research, Bolzano/Bozen