NTA bibliographical database

Marina Andeva “My STSM at the EURAC Research premises within the Institute for Comparative Federalism and the Institute for Minority Rights was a very productive experience. I had the opportunity to engage in academic debates with the researchers of both institutes and with researchers of Eurac Research in general. I am more than grateful for their kindness and warm welcome to their premises. Moreover, my research stay coincided with the Bolzano/Bozen week of the 2020 Winter School on Federalism and Governance and this enabled me also to engage in talks with international academics and students attending the school. Most importantly I had an opportunity to have access to the rich bibliographical database that Eurac Research has in the fields of minorities, autonomies, power-sharing arrangement, ethnicities and human rights protection. The library of Eurac Research is a specialised scientific library. It supports the research of Eurac Research, as well as other scientific work, further education, and general information. It collects, makes accessible and loans out up-to-date publications and media on the main research themes of Eurac Research. Building up on the work of an ENTAN researcher, I have managed to complete a bibliographical database using the Zotero software, now counting more than 1000 entries related to the study of cultural (non-territorial) autonomy, minority rights, ethnic studies, and territorial vs non-territorial settings.

STSM title: Establishing an NTA bibliographical database STSM start and end date: 24/02/2020 – 06/03/2020 Grantee name: Asst. Prof. Marina Andeva (University American College Skopje) Host institution: EURAC Research (Institute for Comparative Federalism and the Institute for Minority Rights, Bolzano/Bozen)