First Training School on Non-Territorial Autonomy

From 8-11 September 2020, ENTAN – The European Non-Territorial Autonomy Network will hold its first Training School in Flensburg and Sønderborg.

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Third MC meeting, online

Third Management Committee meeting
22 May 2020

The Legal Status and Social Rights of Montenegrins and Other Minorities in Croatia

Bojan Božović: “The purpose of the STSM was to do a research on the protection of social rights of Montenegrins in Croatia and on the legal status of the national minorities in general. It was intended to look at the Croatian political and social environment and consider the major factors for the protection of social rights. The visit had several results. The major one was obtaining relevant information about the research problem, in particular about the social rights of Montenegrins in Croatia and the legal status of other national minorities and their protection.”

Catalonia today: linguistic normalisation, literary education, identity construction (2006-2019)

Antonia M. Mora-Luna: “The STSM at the Faculty of Education, University of Barcelona (UB), offered me to know first-hand the Catalan educational situation, in particular the treatment of the two official languages and their respective literatures in classrooms...

Transnational Roma Movement and Non-Territorial Autonomy

György Majtényi: “Having the privilege of working with the NTA research team at the University of Vienna, with its focused research agenda, provided ...

Baltic German interwar archives

Timo Aava: “The STSM at the Herder Institute in Marburg enabled me to closely study primary archival sources on the Baltic German minority activists from interwar Estonia...

Self-governing ethnic communities in Slovenia: between idea and practice

Balázs Dobos: “I am indebted to the Institute for Ethnic Studies in Ljubljana for hosting me during the STSM and for enabling me to gain deeper insight into the role, general patterns and existing practices of the so-called self-governing ethnic communities...

Spain. Special legal model of preserving natural identity

Flavia Lucia Ghencea: “The STSM at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid offered me a special and fulfilling experience. I had the opportunity to study in a special space; the libraries - especially the legal one, offering excellent conditions in an exceptional cultural and architectural atmosphere...

Non-Territorial Approach to the Kosovo Question(s)

Aleksandar Pavlović: “I enjoyed immensely my STSM stay with Prof. Robert Hudson at the University of Derby and Prof. David J. Smith at the University of Glasgow. Their kind assistance and advices enabled me to draft an article on the NTA approach to the Kosovo issue and the question of Serbian heritage in Kosovo...

NTA bibliographical database

Marina Andeva “My STSM at the EURAC Research premises within the Institute for Comparative Federalism and the Institute for Minority Rights was a very productive experience. I had the opportunity to engage in academic debates with the researchers of both institutes and with researchers of Eurac Research in general...

How to make a democracy more inclusive?

Damir Banović: “The STSM at the Institute for Political Science, University of Bern was a very pleasant and productive experience. It enabled me to work more intensively on different aspects related to collective representation, consociational democracy, and federalism applying different concepts on the Bosnian case...

NTA and indigenous self-government rights

Natalija Shikova: “The STSM at the Institute for Comparative Federalism, EURAC Research was an exceptional experience. I got a chance to cooperate with the international team of researchers. I gained in-depth insights from the experts in the field and exchanged knowledge about the applicability of both non-territorial autonomy and territorial autonomy arrangements in addressing different group’s needs. I also extended my scientific network.”

Setting up an NTA database

Artur Boháč: “The STSM at the University of Vienna was a great experience. I cooperated with an international team of social scientists in the task of setting up a digital NTA database. I improved my citation-management skills and broadened my knowledge of NTA.”

STSM on Coalition Politics and NTA in Power-Sharing Arrangements

Damir Kapidžić: “The STSM at Corvinus University provided me with the opportunity and resources to focus on academic writing and find the time to complete a long overdue research paper on coalition politics in Malaysia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The First ENTAN Conference

The First ENTAN Conference held in Belgrade, Serbia on 22 and 23 November 2019

CfP for an NTA related conference in Vienna

Check the call for papers for the conference entitled “Territoriality and Non-territoriality in Accommodating National Diversity within States, 1789-1989” organised by a Vienna-based NTAutonomy project on 2-4 April 2020.

Second MC & WG meeting

The second MC and first WGs meeting of COST Action 18114 ENTAN was held in Skopje on 6 June 2019. The MC made decision on...

First MC meeting

The kickoff meeting of the Management Committee of COST Action 18114 ENTAN was held in Brussels on 28 February 2019...